We have exces stock levels. So we have stopped taking donations. If you know anybody who are in need of used clothes and ready to come and take please pass the info.

As of Now DonateUsedItems.org is not rich enough to appoint employees to pick up the donations from Donors Place. We request all the Donors to walk to any of the Nearest Droping Points to Donate. We thank you for your favor.

Note: 'Private collection Spots' are the Residential or office places of our supporters, members and volunteers. As a security measure we are not displaying their full address here. so Donors have to reach to the given meeting spot and Donate your Used Items. Thank you for your better understanding.

Droping Points

Dropping Points are removed from the page as we are not taking donations now. Once we clear our stock we will display again. Thank you

Note: If you need used items please consider as given below.

If you are a student or a person representing a family please bring an ID card. We donate only 4 pairs per person per 6 months. One person can represent maximum of 7 people only. Please bring the measurements of all when you come.

If you are running an orphanage or home or an NGO , you have to show the proof of running it , either an online presence or oraphanage registration certificate along with home in-charge ID Proof. Please bring the measurements of all when you come.

Kindly please don't request us to donate with out telling sizes. We need measurements like Pant waist size, length, and shirt or T-shirt size. We want to donate the right piece of cloth to the right person. Kindly don't ask us to donate with out any proof. It may leave a loop whole for cheaters.


Donate used books to poor children and make them study with out buying new books Donate your Used play things to poor children and let them play with out spending their parents money By donating used items, you save their money which they can use for their kids health needs simnet logo